Water Damaged School in Boston Ma

Puritan Flood cleans up school after flood

Over 100 air movers and 20 dehumidifiers employed
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BOSTON - A pipe burst, at the Boston Renaissance Charter
School, caused the walls and ceiling from the ninth floor to the mezzanine to be inundated with water. Puritan Flood, who has the largest inventory of drying equipment in Greater Boston, was called to the rescue.

It employed more than 100 air movers and 20 large capacity commercial dehumidifiers in the building. The facility manager had great concern about the hand carved architectural plaster moldings in the mezzanine, which was water damaged.

Puritan's staff closely monitored the drying of these plaster moldings, so they, along with the rest of the structure, were dried to its pre-loss state in four days.

The insurance adjuster and the school's facility manager were amazed at the speed in which Puritan had dried the building, with such a minimal amount of damage.