Health Risks of Mold

Mold produces allergens, irritants, and toxic substances. In a lot of cases, inhaling or touching mold has been known to cause allergic reactions. Mold exposure can irritate an individual’s eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. There have been cases where people have unknowingly been exposed to mold, and as a result have suffered numerous health problems and countless visits to the doctor’s office. If you or a loved one suspect is suffering from some of the conditions listed above, it may be worth asking your doctor if you have been exposed to mold. It is safe to say if you find any mold in your house it can be considered dangerous.

In 2004 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) found there was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, coughs, and wheezes in healthy people. The IOM also found evidence linking indoor mold exposure with respiratory illness in healthy children as well.

Health Risks of Mold

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There was a study done of children from ten countries around the world. The children were aged from six to twelve years old. The childen were all in damp environments with evidence of mold in each house he or she lived in. The researchers found that mold in the households correlated with a variety of respitory disorders - wheezing, coughing, allergic reactions, and hay fever. The same researches found that increase in asthma among employees working in a water-damaged office building. They found that there was a correlation with asthma and mold from the building's dust. 

Homeowners have the power to clean up small amounts of mold. However, eliminating mold from large areas requires expertise and protection for both the homeowner and the remediation team. Puritan Flood Restoration prides itself in the work it puts in to make sure the occopuants are safe and secure following the onset of mold in a household or office. 

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