How to Dry Wood Floors

Contrary to popular belief, if a flood happens in a home or office where there is wood flooring, there is a way to dry the floor and preserve it without removal. This is done with a product called Injectidry. Injectidry's High Pressure Drying Systems are developed to target high risk areas of hidden moisture such as walls and ceilings, insulation, walls behind cabinets, and wood floors. If a wood floor appears to have water damage, then there is a chance it qualifies for Injectidry. By using a moisture meter, our flood technicians can pinpoint where the floor is most wet so they can focus on that area – ultimately increasing drying efficiency. The picture at the bottom left displays a type of moisture meter with an indiciation that a surface is wet.

To dry wood flooring, the Injectidry systems utilizes floor panels. These panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different areas. The panels come with different sized ports - allowing different levels of suction. The wet moisture is then extracted from the floor through these ports and into the hoses. This process can take up to a week. In this case, our technicians allowed a wall to dry in five days.  Drying floors is both an art and science.